The Ultimate Bitcoin Heating Guide – Why Bitcoin Heaters Are Driving the Energy Transition

The Ultimate Bitcoin Heating Guide – Why Bitcoin Heaters Are Driving the Energy Transition

Bitcoin is not only revolutionizing the financial system, but also offering innovative solutions in other areas. One such innovation is Bitcoin heating, a method that balances environmental friendliness and economics. In this ultimate Bitcoin Heating Guide, you’ll learn why Bitcoin heaters are often the cheapest and most sustainable heating method. 

What are Bitcoin Heaters? 

Bitcoin heaters represent a fascinating fusion of the world of cryptocurrencies and heating technology. These systems use the heat generated by Bitcoin mining to heat living and working spaces. This innovative technology represents an answer to two challenges: the efficient use of the heat generated during mining and the search for more sustainable heating methods.

How do Bitcoin heaters work?

They are heating systems that use the heat generated when mining Bitcoin. Instead of letting this heat go to waste, Bitcoin heaters capture it and use it to warm rooms.

How Bitcoin heaters work can be divided into two main components: the mining process and the heating system. The mining process involves the use of computers to solve complex mathematical problems to generate new Bitcoins. As a byproduct, these computers generate heat. The Bitcoin heating systems are designed to capture this heat and channel it into the environment through a conventional heating system. 

What are the differences to conventional heaters? 

The fundamental difference between Bitcoin heaters and traditional heating systems lies in the heat source. Traditional heating systems typically use gas, oil, electricity or renewable energy sources to generate heat. Bitcoin heaters, on the other hand, use the heat generated by Bitcoin mining – an energy source that is usually unused in other heating systems.

Another key difference is functionality. While conventional heaters only serve to heat rooms, Bitcoin heaters fulfill a double function: they generate heat and at the same time operate the Bitcoin mining process. This results in a unique combination of financial return from mining and practical use as a heating system.

In summary, Bitcoin heaters offer an innovative alternative to traditional heating methods. They combine economic benefits with environmental sustainability and, as a result, represent an exciting step towards integrating cryptocurrency technology into everyday life.

What are the advantages of a Bitcoin heater? 

Bitcoin heaters offer an innovative solution that is attracting the interest of not only crypto enthusiasts, but also those looking for efficient and environmentally friendly heating methods. These systems utilize the heat generated by Bitcoin mining, providing a number of benefits.

Cost efficiency and savings

The main advantage of Bitcoin heaters is their cost effectiveness. By using the heat generated when mining Bitcoins, heating costs can be significantly reduced. Instead of leaving the heat unused, it is effectively used to heat rooms. ​ This method therefore represents a double saving: it reduces the cost of mining by recovering part of the necessary energy, while at the same time reducing heating costs. 

Environmental friendliness and sustainability

They are also beneficial from an ecological point of view. Traditional criticism of Bitcoin mining emphasizes its high energy consumption and the associated environmental impacts. However, by converting waste heat into usable energy, Bitcoin heaters help reduce the ecological footprint of Bitcoin mining. Additionally, this technology can be combined with renewable energy to provide an even more environmentally friendly solution.

Decentralization and independence

Another significant advantage of Bitcoin heaters is the promotion of decentralization and independence, as these systems enable users to become independent of traditional energy sources and providers. By mining Bitcoin as part of the heating process, users can participate in the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency, resulting in greater autonomy and independence from centralized energy and heat suppliers.

Overall, Bitcoin heaters offer a future-oriented solution that focuses on efficiency, environmental friendliness and independence. As technology continues to develop, these systems could play an increasingly important role in modern, sustainable living and working environments.

How do Bitcoin heaters operate? 

All Bitcoin heaters from 21energy are plug and play solutions. The initial setup only takes a few minutes. The heaters come with detailed and simple operating instructions and we also provide video tutorials on how to set up the heaters. After the initial setup, which even users with limited technical background knowledge can easily manage, nothing needs to be configured in the future and the Bitcoin heaters start fully automatically after power is supplied. Even after a potential power outage, the heaters start up again fully automatically.

The 21ENERGY Bitcoin Heaters all have an air filter installed, which needs to be cleaned or vacuumed from time to time depending on the dust level in the rooms.

21energy Bitcoin Heater:

  • 21energy Ofen
  • 21energy Ofen Pro

The Bitcoin Heaters can be easily combined with socket thermostats, timers and smart home integrations.

The heaters can be easily controlled using computers, smartphones, tablets and all other devices with an internet browser.

Bitcoin heaters compared to other heating systems

Bitcoin heaters offer a unique alternative to conventional heating methods such as gas, oil heaters and heat pumps.

Compared to gas and oil heaters, Bitcoin heaters are potentially more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly as they do not burn fossil fuels. They are also often cheaper to purchase and the heat production is very easy to control as you get paid for the number of calculations. This is the big advantage compared to other computers that could be used as a heater, as they have to carry out the calculations exactly when they are needed and not when you want it to be warm.

Oil and gas heating simply burns the energy source and does not produce any additional added value other than the heat. Bitcoin heaters are operated with more sustainable electricity, which increasingly comes from renewable energies, and through the billions of calculations per second they produce additional added value for which you are compensated.

The energy transition means the electrification of everything, including heating systems. Bitcoin heaters offer a very great incentive to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies much earlier thanks to the additional income.

Heat pumps extract energy from the environment (outside air, soil, …) and thus achieve performance figures of over one. In the laboratory, working times of well over 5 are achieved under perfect conditions. However, heat pumps rarely achieve an average performance factor of 2 over a complete heating season in a Central European single-family home.

Source: “Soon we’ll be tearing out all the heat pumps again,” explains the energy expert; Prof Leukefeld | Prof Rieck

The higher the electricity price and the warmer the average annual temperature, the more likely the bill is towards the heat pump. ​ In the vast majority of cases, however, the bill goes towards the Bitcoin heater, which often also has lower purchase, installation and maintenance costs. ​ The CO2 backpack is also significantly smaller.

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