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Redefining efficiency by fusing computing and heating.

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From Tyrol to the world

Originating from the heart of the alps and extending its influence globally, 21energy is at the forefront of a transformative sustainable heating solution, intricately crafted within a domestic environment.

Each unit is handcrafted and designed to minimize its environmental footprint. By using locally sourced materials, 21energy ensures that its production process not only supports the local economy, but is also in line with environmentally friendly practices.

"21energy is more than a heating solution. We're not just warming homes, we're setting a new standard for excellence in the industry."

Maximilian Obwexer Co-Founder CEO Team 21energy
Maximilian Obwexer
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Commitment to excellence

Setting a new standard for quality, sustainable heating, 21energy stands as a beacon of exemplary craftsmanship. Each unit is a testament to precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring unparalleled performance and durability.

This commitment not only results in a reliable and long-lasting product but also instills confidence in consumers seeking a heating solution that combines sophistication with sustainability.


Meet the team of creative minds, united by a passion for turning ideas into reality.
Maximilian Obwexer
Co-Founder & CEO
Lukas Waldner
Co-Founder & COO
Benjamin Kehrer
David Stojanovic
Lead Developer
Florian Gapp
Creative Director
Matthias Triendl
Founded 2022

Established by Maximilian Obwexer and Lukas Waldner, we are a pioneering force, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to shaping the future.

Made in Austria

Our products are meticulously fashioned in the heart of Austria, embodying precision, quality, and the rich heritage of Alpine craftsmanship.

21+ fagpersoner

Drevet av ekspertisen til over 21 fagpersoner, er vi et dynamisk team dedikert til å utfordre grenser og levere fremragende resultater på alle områder.

30+ land

Fra de sjarmerende landskapene i Tyrol til hjem i over 30 land over hele verden, kjenner vår forpliktelse til å levere varme ingen grenser.